About Me

Hi, I’m Tera!

I’m a freelance graphic designer, architect, and small business owner who just come back home to Jakarta, Indonesia after spending a couple of wonderful years living in Manchester, Paris, and Singapore.

When I’m not designing or drawing, I love to travel and explore pretty nooks in cities! Having lived in Paris for about 1 year with my husband, allowed me to pursue this passion and discover wonderful places in France and around Europe, which has been a long childhood dream of mine!

Working as a freelancer, there are times when I have too much to do and other times when there’s absolutely nothing to keep me busy other than house chores. This blog started as something to do during my spare time but then turned out to be an excellent medium to document my memories and share stories of my travels, life in Paris, or really just personal life experiences in general. I initially enjoy sharing and documenting my adventures through other social media channels, such as Instagram (do follow me there too!), so my friends suggested writing up a more detailed version on a blog. So voila, that’s how ‘Nooks and Niches’ was born!

The name of the blog itself represents that special nook, space, corner, or enclosure that is all my own. A little space in this vast world wide web that I can use to maybe give meaning and purpose to my journey in life. On a lighter note, it also represents those pretty alleyways, streets, nooks, and niches I find along my travels! You will soon find out that I’m a huge fan of everything charming and aesthetically beautiful from colourful houses, streets, and shops to alleyways!

I hope I’m not too late to join the blogging wagon in 2019, and that you enjoy reading what I have to say, which may be about itinerary tips, favourite city nooks, or even reviews on my favourite French drugstore skincare brand! In other words, this blog will act as my little life and travel journal, to put words and stories behind pictures, preserve memories, and share valuable life lessons.

I might have a lot to say about a bunch of random things that constantly go on in this little mind of mine, so bear with me and enjoy the ride!